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The Client Center

Welcome to the Brookstone Client Center.  While your Brookstone advisor is only a phone call away, we wanted to simplify and streamline the process with some common requests.  The client center is designed to provide the quickest, most accurate response to some of the most requested service related items.  Everything from requesting online access to your accounts, to a simple address change can be initiated through the Brookstone Client Center.  Your request will then be forwarded directly to your Brookstone advisor while including all the information they need to initiate your request.  Should your advisor need any additional information or have additional questions, they will reach out to you directly.

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Our Success Begins With YOURS

As fiduciary, fee-based investment managers and financial planners, our success begins with your success. Helping you achieve your goals starts with understanding your desires. This process begins with a complimentary meeting for us to get to know one another. Our goal is to deliver strategies and recommendations designed to decrease unnecessary risk and fees while striving to increase overall probability of success. Click the button below, and let’s get started!